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The best Urban Survival Skills courses online

Urban Survival Skills | Online Survival Courses

There is always a way to improve and be prepared for rougher times, here’s a list of online courses and books that can help you to survive them.

What to have in an emergency pantry kit

What to Have in an Emergency Pantry Kit + 1st Aid Kit & Basic Utensils

Viruses, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, major earthquakes, extreme blizzards, and other disasters could leave you trapped for several days. You and your family’s safety comes first, but if you’re able to stay in your house, you’ll need supplies, including food and water.

In case of lack of electricity, the food you already have in your refrigerator and freezer will keep cold for a day or two, but unless you have your own generator, you’ll need some things that don’t require electricity for storage or preparation. Plan ahead and keep an emergency food pantry stocked with healthy foods so you can feed your family until the disaster has passed.

BEST SURVIVAL KITS - emergency kits

Best Survival Kits

Discover the best Survival Kits and the most useful tools to survive in an emergency. In this list you’ll also find the top 10 Survival Tools and Items to buy for your Survival Kit.

Artists Online

Artists Online | How To Expand Your Work Digitally

Artists and performers can be unnoticed without an online presence, adapting without compromising art is essential while at the same time generating an income.

How to stay Safe online - Online privacy

How to Stay Safe Online

Learn how to stay safe online and protect yourself, your family and your devices with these tips and resources. Cyber-Security is essential.

Coronavirus at home test - LetsGetChecked testing at home

LetsGetChecked Launches at Home Coronavirus Test

LetsGetChecked released the first two-part test for coronavirus (COVID-19).
The test was made available on March 30, 2020, initially in the U.S. only, with healthcare workers on the frontline prioritized; LetsGetChecked worked with individual laboratory partners and is delivering across other European markets.

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