Make Comedy Offensive Again

Make Comedy Offensive Again

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Make Comedy Offensive Again - Hat
A lot of comedians are being censored due to the special snowflake syndrome, let’s stop this madness.

I really needed this hat… So I created it.


I’ve created this hat as a way of free thought through communication. Nowadays anything can be considered offensive and in that way, a lot of comedians are being censored, sometimes even by themselves.
We should be able to distinguish jokes from real life. Comedians are like jesters in a king’s court. “The jester was the only person who could tell the truth because he was beneath contempt….” Trickster figures emerge in times of crisis, and they point out what no one wants to see, and they say things that no one will say, daring us to think.
Censoring comedians is a really dangerous thing.
Comedy is comedy.





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