Louis CK, Nimesh Patel, Mike Ward - offensive comedy

Why we need to Make Comedy Offensive Again | Comedy Censorship

Is Comedy Censorship real? Are we going backwards and censoring comedians? Comedy Censorship seems to be rising, as people are worried about looking for the evil of everything instead of looking for the best that exists, in addition, the distinction between comedy and real life begins to become smaller and smaller … it’s getting hard…
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Make Comedy Offensive Again Hat - Marble 1

Make Comedy Offensive Again

Make Comedy Offensive Again A lot of comedians are being censored due to the special snowflake syndrome and we need to stop this madness. People are starting to understand that comedy censorship is happening and that it’s time to “Make comedy Offensive Again”. I really needed this hat, so I created it. I’ve created this…
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dogecoin how to buy it

To All Those New to the DOGE community 🐕 The Dogecoin Values

Things to be aware, know of, and DOGECOIN values to have in mind to all those new to DOGE

Best Onnit Products and free trials - Joe Rogan Onnit. Alpha Brain, Kettlebells

Onnit’s Best Products and FREE trials

What are Onnit’s Best Products, and how can you try them for FREE? Now you have the chance to try Onnit’s most famous products for free. Customers signing up will receive a free 7-Day Supply, and be sent the products for just the cost of shipping and handling.  Read more about it by clicking each…
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How to Invest in Crypto_

How to Invest in Crypto | The ABC of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency spending is becoming more and more popular as these currencies gain trust. There are several online retailers, and even my store, that accept cryptocurrencies. And of course, any two individuals who value the tokens can exchange them for goods or services.  

Best Comedy Gifts for stand up comedy fans

Best Gifts for Stand-up Comedy Fans

The holiday season is here and we need to lighten up a bit… Here are the best gifts for stand-up comedy fans. Lenny Bruce hoodie Lenny will always be one of the greatest. This is a great comedy gift for a true fan. Get it here George Carlin quote wall art This is a great…
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best supplements to boost immune system

5 Health Supplements You Probably Need Right Now

Winter is coming and seasonal flu and depression like to tag along…
Luckily science provides us with some answers to fight back. From the best health supplements to boost your immune system, to at-home health tests, there is plenty you can do to stay healthy and happy.

5 Cannabis Products You Need to Know About

5 Cannabis Products You Need to Know About

With Cannabis getting legalized in most places, CBD taking over Kim Kardashian’s baby shower, and Elon Musk smoking a blunt with Joe Rogan… People are surrendering to this magical plant and all its properties and versatility.


At Home Health Tests

Simple to use, reliable and with the best laboratory partners, home testing is the best and simplest way to anonymously get a quick analysis of your health.

Dave Rubin, Arielle Scarcella, Blaire White and Marcus Dib

Beyond the Rainbow | Making sense of the PC culture

Making sense of the PC culture from within the “alphabet” community. Dave Rubin, Arielle Scarcella, Blaire White, and Marcus Dib prove to us that not all rainbows look alike and how the supposedly most accepting communities can also be the most judgmental especially if you dare to go beyond the rainbow.

what is 420

What is 420? | The Cannabis Holiday Explained

On April 20 – or 4/20 – marijuana advocates around the world gather to celebrate, in a variety of ways, the cannabis plant.
If you are not familiar with the term “420” as it is used in the marijuana culture, here’s a look at its origins and its meaning.

The best Urban Survival Skills courses online

Urban Survival Skills | Online Survival Courses

There is always a way to improve and be prepared for rougher times, here’s a list of online courses and books that can help you to survive them.

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